Three officials in Baoshan District have been suspended from work for dereliction of duty over the purchase and distribution of food packs. They are still under investigation.

The suburban district watchdog said Huan Xiuzhi and Yang Cheng, both deputy directors of Zhangmiao Subdistrict office, and community Party office director Ouyang Zhi failed to distribute food packs, leaving them to rot.

Huan is also accused of being responsible for the resale of food packs donated by other provinces.

Shanghai has punished 38 people since the COVID-19 pandemic resurgence in early March.

Last Sunday, a netizen claimed that food packs donated by Yunnan Province to Shanghai had been sold to a residential community in Jing’an District.

Zhangmiao Subdistrict soon launched an investigation.

The subdistrict said on Monday that Yunnan’s Qujing City had donated 50 tons of vegetables in nearly 7,700 boxes to Baoshan and these food packs were given to Zhangmiao.

Considering some long-term rental apartments there lacked food and had sought help several times, the subdistrict decided to give these food packs to migrant workers living there and others in need.

But police found that the person in charge of some of the apartments, Zhang Xisheng, 50, sold the 190 food packs he received instead of distributing them to the tenants.

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