【TailorMade Culture Talk】The BIGGEST gaming community in CHINA

So… have you ever found it hard to access games in China? Suffer from internet connection problems? Do you find it annoying? What are your solutions?


Berkan Sönmez, our guest presenter, had these same problems at the begining, and he slowly found solutions around the problems problems he had had. He is a gaming enthusiast that decided to share his tricks and hacks with all the gamers!

Berkan Sönmez,我们本次活动的演讲嘉宾在最初有和你们一样的困扰,不过他慢慢找到了相应的解决办法。由于他太热爱游戏,他决定将他的成果分享给所有的游戏玩家。

Well, this is not the end of the story. His good will brought gamers together, and now he runs the biggest gaming community in China. 


How did a simple interest build into a career? If you are in to gaming, or if you are into his story, feel free to join our TailorMade Culture Talk on March 17th.


Time: 7:30 pm, Wednesday, March 17th 2021

时间: 2021年3月17日周三晚7:30

Location: 1900Loft, 465 Dingxi Road, Shanghai

地点: 上海定西路465,1900LOFT

*Entry fee 入场 门票

50RMB (one drink inc. 含一杯酒)