【TailorMade Culture Talk】The Challenges of running Dragon Burn

Are you a free soul? Are you into outdoor activities? Have you ever heard about Dragon Burn, or Burning Man? Then you must come to out event!

你是个灵魂自由主义者吗?你喜欢户外活动吗, 你听说过Dragon Burn 或者 Burning Man吗?那你肯定要来参加我们的活动!


At this event, you are about to learn what Dragon burn is, what kind of problems they met when running a business in China, and how they managed to make Dragon Burn be the biggest music music festival in China. 

本次活动,你将会了解到什么是Dragon Burn;他们在中国遇到那些困难;是怎样做到成功成为中国最大的音乐节组织的。


After a 30 minute speech, we have arranged activities of such as face and arm painting and a poi and arms tutorial, to give you a taste of the Dragon Burn atmosphere. 

30分钟的演讲结束后,我们还为您准备了画脸和甩绳教学,让您尽可能的感受到Dragon Burn的氛围。


What are you waiting for, come and join us, learn more about how to enjoy lift in China. 




50RMB before 21st April

80RMB After 21st April

(note: one drink and tools for the workshop are included in the ticket)