Down Indie Rock in the PRC

Down: Indie Rock in the PRC |Shanghai events

Down: Indie Rock in the PRC

Written, produced and directed by Andrew Field and Jud Willmont. 2012. 52 minutes.

In English. With Chinese & English subtitles.

Study Areas: Modern China, Contemporary Issues, Youth Culture, Rock Music.

In “Down: Indie Rock in the PRC”, Andrew Field and Jud Willmont explore Mainland China’s vibrant underground rock music scene. The 52 minute documentary’s lively pace, edgy subject matter, and insider perspective is refreshingly off the beaten path of most materials developed for students of China language and culture. As such, it can provide a bold counterpoint to more standard narratives of timeless cultural traditions.

Down provides a window into contemporary China in a medium that will resonate with young people – and former young people – studying Chinese language and popular culture. While focusing on the particularities that gave rise to indie rock in the PRC, the film touches upon timely themes of globalization, artistic expression, youth culture, and urban life. Most importantly, it gives voice to a small but growing counterculture, which is both uniquely local and increasingly cosmopolitan.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the directors.

Shortly after, we will open the stage to any musicians who would like to jam and rock some tunes!

Down:中国独立摇滚乐。”Indie Rock in the PRC”