Elevate your Data Analysis: From Excel to Python | Shanghai Events

Elevate your Data Analysis: From Excel to Python | Shanghai Events

Excel spreadsheets is one of the most used data analysis software in the world.  But what are the limitations?  Python, on the other hand, is one of the world’s most popular programming languages and is especially well-known for handling big data analysis due to its vast collection of ready-to-use data plugins.  Can it do everything that Excel can do?

Join the workshop by Le Wagon x paper crane tech and advance your data analysis skill today!  By spearheading the transition from Excel to Python, we are empowering you to elevate your data analysis skills that can set you up for future success.

In this step-by-step workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should move from Excel to Python
  • Introduction to programming in Python
  • How to use Pandas methods and Numpy to replace Excel’s popular functions
  • How to clean and prepare data in Python
  • How to visualize data with Python’s Matplotlib or Seaborn instead of Excel Graphs

⏰ Wednesday 2021/9/22 19:00 -21:00💁🏻‍♀️ English💰 49 RMB (snack and drinks provided)💻 No coding experience needed. Bring your own laptop and charger is enought :)📍 9F, 129 Yan’an West Road, Shanghai 上海市延安西路129号华侨大厦9楼💥 Seats are limited, first come first served!

We look forward to meeting you soon!If you have more question, please contact Laura (wxid:laura316605)

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