Exhibition “Behold: THE WHO | 展览 “看:是谁”| Shanghai events

Exhibition “Behold: THE WHO | 展览 “看:是谁”| Shanghai events

No.name Studio will co-host a group exhibition “Behold: THE WHO?” with Heathers Chamber on December, 27th, 2020.No.name Studio将在2020年12月27日与阿太的密室HeathersChamber 联合举办群展“看:是谁”。
Unlike traditional exhibitions, “Behold” only labels 17 artists with numbers. None of their names will be disclosed. It is designed as a matching-puzzle game, inviting viewers to use the limited visual element to find its corresponding mysterious artist.不同于传统的展览,在“看”展出的17位艺术家只将被冠以数字。他们的名字将不会被揭露。展览将以连连看游戏的形式,邀请参观者用有限的从展览中的艺术品种截取的部分作为视觉线索来找到相对应的神秘艺术家。

Visitors will be provided a pen, an “answer sheet” that is similar to the poster, and a unique number. During the event, visitors can use those 17 distinctive flags on the right side of the sheet to find the matching artworks and artists. Visitor’s numbered answer sheets will be collected after the event and posted on a white wall in the gallery that all together create an improvised, collaborative, and documentary artwork.

我们将会提供给参观者笔,和海报相似的“答题纸”,和一个独有的编码。在活动过程中,参观者可以用题纸右侧17个独特的小旗子来连线其所属的作品和艺术家。活动结束后我们会收集参观者们被编号的答题纸,并依次贴在画廊的空白墙上,创作出一幅即兴的,由参观者们们共同创作的纪实作品。We will also serve mulled wine during the outdoor live painting performance.我们也将会在室外举行的的现场绘画表演环节提供热红酒。

The exhibition or what you can call an interactive game of observation and exploration encourages viewers to listen to their distinctive perspective and understanding of art and emphasizes the importance of “beholding” when interpreting art, instead of unconsciously relying on any popular stereotype.
These “no-name artists” also echoes the original idea of No.name Studio: no one knows who is our next artist. The name of No.name Studio was inspired by the Chinese underground art organization “The Wuming Painting Collective” (also translated as No Name Painting Association), formed in 1969. Its avant-garde spirit and pursuit of art for art’s sake motivates us to make No.name Studio a safe space for passionate artists to freely create and exhibit their artworks, and thus fosters a mutually-supporting relationship with audiences.这些“无名”艺术家也呼应了No.name Studio最初成立时的理念:没有人知道下一个艺术家会是谁。No.name Studio的名字是受到了于1969年创立的反文化中国地下艺术组织“无名画会”的启发。它前卫的精神和对为了艺术而艺术的追求激励着我们把No.name Studio打造成为一个可以让有热忱的艺术家们来创作并展出作品的安全空间,并以此在与观者之间建立起一座相互支持的桥梁。

The Wuming Painting Collective无名画会

About | 关于No.name Studio 

Founded by the two artists Carlo Maria Rossi and Penny Kwan, No.name Studio is a complex of a studio, residence, and gallery for member artists and collectors located in the ancient town Zhujiajiao, Shanghai. Like a magnet, No.name attracts art professionals and institutions from all over the world, striving to spur creative energy and enlighten conversations.

由艺术家Carlo Maria Rossi与关敏佳创立,位于上海朱家角古镇的No.name Studio是一个为艺术家与藏家提供集工作室,居所,和画廊为一体的空间。No.name吸引着世界各地的艺术人士与机构,致力于激发创作性能量与启发性对话。

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