I AM! – An International Women’s Day Celebration | Shanghai Events

I AM! – An International Women’s Day Celebration | Shanghai Events

Paper crane, a female founded tech company have partnered with Le Wagon to put on a full day of learning, sharing and more from the female entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders of Shanghai!


🏠 Venue

Shanghai Overseas Chinese Building, 129 West Yan’an Road, Fl. 5, XNode

延安西路129号 上海华侨大厦 XNode 5层🗓 Time

Sunday, March 7th, 09:30 – 18:30

周天 3月7日 上午09:30 – 下午 18:30💲Proceeds

All proceeds will go towards Educating Girls of Rural China! (EGRC)

所有款项将全额捐至“乡村女学生教育(EGRC)”基金👯 ‍Theme

Empowered Women Empower Women

富能女性 赋能女性


5TH FLOOR – MAIN AREA – Sharing Sessions09:30 – 10:30Registration11:30 – 12:30Empowering Women Through Wellness  

Kylie Jane, SANA13:00 – 14:00Find Your Calling and the Confidence to Stick to it 

Rachel Gouk, Nomfluence14:30 – 15:30Mastering Everday Negotiation Skills 

Vivien Newrzella, Fiducia Management Consultants, Head of People Strategy16:00 – 17:00How to Build a ‘Happy Place’  

Camden Hauge, Happy Place Hospitality Group17:00 – 18:00Post Event Drinks/Mingle

9TH FLOOR – CLASSROOM – Workshops10:00 – 11:30Web 101 – Build your first landing page  

Xun Ma, Le Wagon12:30 – 13:30How to Prototype & Test Your Business Ideas  

Audrey Gourdji, Ace Studio14:00 – 15:00Better Habits for Improved Productivity  

Maria Altyeva, TikTok​15:30 – 16:30Bootstrap Your First E-commerce Mini Program  

Irene Chan, Codesmiths

9TH FLOOR – MEETING ROOM10:00 – 18:00Professional Headshot Photography  

Una Zhu, UNAZheadshot