Music Medicine with Singer Bone-Lhamo Kyap |Shanghai events

Music Medicine with Singer Bone-Lhamo Kyap |Shanghai events

Roots and endlessness. 

The original music of Bone Lhamokyap is from the soul of the Sangemao people (an ethnic tribe in southern Gansu province) and native American Spirit. It is the admiration to nature and a pure heart yearning to the peace and beauty of life. Bone Lhamokyap is from Zhouni Nalang Valley, Gannan in the southwest of Gansu Province where the Sangemao tribe has lived for generations. Each river and each rock of that land are the deepest roots in his soul. He performed at the World Music Festival and abroad in the UK, Spain and the US. 

He will be performing a set of complete improvisation of music medicine in synchronization with the energy created within the environment and the audience. 

拉木加 部落灵魂乐全程即兴音药,根来自于三格毛人(甘肃南部的少数民族)和美洲原住民印第安人的灵魂深处.