Doing Business in China For Dummies


Doing Business in China For Dummies

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Name:Doing Business in China For Dummies

Author :Robert Collins, Carson Block

Indroduction:Doing Business in China for Dummies is an excellent addition to anyone’s “Dummies” collection wanting to gain insight on the inner workings of the Chinese marketplace. It doesn’t matter who you are, this book is great for anyone from business people to travelers going to China; it’ll help you along your way in an informational step-by-step approach. What are the most crucial things to remember when dealing with other customs? Body language, entertaining, politeness and negotiating are among the few topics dealt with in this book; a few things which are very important when dealing with Chinese business people.

Even though business is very important there are many more things which one should know when in China. Other than dealing with business, it gave good insight to a few of the large cities and how to get around from the airport upon arrival; tips on transportation; lodging; and what happens if you run into problems.

Comprehensive, intelligent, fast paced and easy to read, doesn’t even begin to describe this book by the Collins/Block duo. Two highly qualified individuals in the field of Chinese business having either lived there or knowing the Mandarin language. This is a book which you won’t want to skip if dealing with anything relating to deals or business in China.