Hacking Chinese: A Practical Guide to Learning Mandarin


Year: 2016
Edition: Kindle
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Language: english
Pages: 246
ISBN 10: 1530334888
ISBN 13: 9781530334889
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Name:Hacking Chinese: A Practical Guide to Learning Mandarin

Author :Olle Linge

Indroduction:Learning Chinese can be frustrating and difficult, partly because it’s very different from European languages. Following a teacher, textbook or language course is not enough. They show you the characters, words and grammar you need to become proficient in Chinese, but they don’t teach you how to learn them!
Regardless of what program you’re in (if any), you need to take responsibility for your own learning. If you don’t, you will miss many important things that aren’t included in the course you’re taking.
If you study on your own, you need to be even more aware of what you need to do, what you’re doing at the moment and the difference between them.
Here are some of the questions I have asked and have since been asked many times by students:
How do I learn characters efficiently?
How do I get the most out of my course or teacher?
Which are the best learning tools and resources?
How can I become fluent in Mandarin?
How can I improve my pronunciation?
How do I learn successfully on my own?
How can I motivate myself to study more?
How can I fit learning Chinese into a busy schedule?
The answers I’ve found to these questions and many others form the core of this book. It took eight years of learning, researching, teaching and writing to figure these things out. Not everybody has the time to do that! I can’t go back in time and help myself learn in a better way, but I can help you!
This book is meant for normal students and independent language learners alike. While it covers all major areas of learning, you won’t learn Chinese just by reading this book. It’s like when someone on TV teaches you how to cook: you won’t get to eat the delicious dish just by watching the program; you have to do the cooking yourself.
That’s true for this book as well. When you apply what you learn, it will boost your learning, making every hour you spend count for more, but you still have to do the learning yourself.
This is what a few readers have said about the book:
“The book had me nodding at a heap of things I’d learnt the hard way, wishing I knew them when I started, as well as highlighting areas that I’m currently missing in my study.”
– Geoff van der Meer, VP engineering
“This publication is like a bible for anyone serious about Chinese proficiency. It’s easy for anyone to read and written with scientific precision.”
– Zachary Danz, foreign teacher, children’s theatre artist