Learn Chinese the Fast and Fun Way


Year: 1997
Publisher: Barron’s Educational Series
Language: english
Pages: 177
ISBN 10: 0812096894
ISBN 13: 9780812096897
Series: Barron’s Fast and Fun Way
File: PDF, 9.62 MB
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Name:Learn Chinese the Fast and Fun Way

Author :Lifei Ji

Indroduction:This attractive and highly accessible book introduces readers to enough Mandarin Chinese to help them get around in typical travel situations. It opens with a pronunciation key, and goes on to emphasize the sounds of Chinese words and phrases. Sections that follow guide the reader through practice of often-used words, phrases, and sentences in typical travel situations that include arriving at a hotel, sightseeing, taking public transportation, and more. Also featured are vocabulary cards to improve students’ visual recognition of words and increase their word power in Chinese.