Teaching and Learning Chinese in Schools


Year: 2018
Edition: 1st ed.
Publisher: Springer International Publishing;Palgrave Pivot
Language: english
Pages: 114
ISBN 13: 978-3-319-89372-3
Series: Palgrave Studies in Teaching and Learning Chinese
File: PDF, 2.06 MB
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Name:Teaching and Learning Chinese in Schools

Author :Robyn Moloney, Hui Ling Xu

Indroduction:This book presents the principles of quality teaching in Chinese, as exemplified in case studies of primary and secondary school classrooms. Drawing on data from five Australian schools, the authors identify the key practices necessary to produce a quality learning experience for students. The book offers a thorough grounding in the issues involved in teaching different age groups, and many practical strategies, including a comprehensive overview of digital technologies for teaching and learning Chinese. It will provide a valuable resource for students and scholars of applied linguistics, in addition to supporting teacher training and professional development.