Mothy Garden is a humble two-floor pet petting café that has a wide variety of animals. It’s intended to be a spot where customers can get acquainted with animals before deciding if they’d like to get one at home. It’s a bit of trek away from downtown Shanghai, but the hushed interior of the café makes it a great space for small groups to hang out with the animals or families to spend an afternoon together. They also do private birthday parties on the second floor.

There are some pretty unique animals, including groundhogs, chinchillas, ferrets and teacup pigs. The owner is very passionate about the animals in the café, and very experienced in handling them. Ask to have the pet of your choice taken out of the cages and put into a small box on the table (so that hell doesn’t break loose). Our suggestion is that you have a translation app ready in hand and your food/coffee separate from the animals.
There’s an entrance fee, but it comes with a drink (the coffee is considerably good).
Venue name: Mothy Garden
Opening hours: 9.30am-9.30pm daily
Admission: 38RMB; 28RMB (children below one metre)
Metro: Shanghai University, Exit 3
English address: Unit 13, 809 Jinqiu Lu, near Xi Waihuan Lu, Baoshan district
Chinese address: 藦茜花园宠物主题咖啡厅&轰趴馆 宝山区锦秋路809弄13号,近西外环路

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