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Biang Biang noodles: Chinese regional food dishes catch on overseas

The popularity in the overseas market of Biang Biang noodles, a regional food indigenous to China’s northwestern province of Shaanxi, shows how Chinese cuisine is carving out a market for dishes representative of wider range of Chinese food culture, the BBC reported.  Biang Biang noodles, made with thick, broad, hand-pulled noodles and chili, bear a …

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Chinese Cooking At Home

Chinese Cooking At Home

Cooking authentic Chinese food at home is a great and tasty way to immerse in the local culture. And with the right tools, ingredients and recipes, and maybe some hands-on instructions, Chinese cooking is not difficult. jiang yóu 酱油 lǎo chōu 老抽 Chinkiang black vinegar – chén cù 陈醋 Oyster sauce – háo yóu 蚝油 …

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Eating Out In China

Eating Out In China

Chinese like to eat out and there are restaurants on every corner of a Chinese neighborhood, from hole-in-the-wall to multilevel banquet halls. In Beijing restaurants you can explore authentic Chinese food (not what is served as Chinese food in Western countries) or fall back on the more familiar Western cuisine. Is a Chinese Menu Really …

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Chinese food pantry-BOK CHOY

Chinese food pantry-BOK CHOY BOK CHOY. The best-known Chinese vegetable, bok choy, literally “white vegetable” because of its white bulbous stalk, is grown throughout China and other parts of Asia. Its crispness and inher- ent sweetness make it particularly versatile. Although often referred to as Chinese cabbage, the vegetable’s deep green leaves above a white …

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Chinese food pantry-BLACK BEANS, FERMENTED

Chinese food pantry-BLACK BEANS, FERMENTED BLACK BEANS, FERMENTED. These fragrant black beans, preserved in salt, usually come packed in cardboard containers or plastic sacks. Although typically labeled “fermented,” some cardboard packages are labeled “preserved beans,” or, inexplicably, “dried black beans,” which they are not. Look for beans lightly flavored with ginger and orange peel, which …

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Chinese food pantry-BEAN THREAD NOODLES

Chinese food pantry-BEAN THREAD NOODLES BEAN THREAD NOODLES. These needle-like threads, also called vermicelli bean threads, cellophane noodles, or simply bean threads, are made by moistening, mashing, and draining mung beans and then forming them into thin, white strands. They come dried, in 1-pound packages, divided into bundles usually weighing 2 ounces each. Avoid other …

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