Indulge in a contemporary twist on the classic izakaya experience, where modern industrial decor meets the natural charm of the building. The atmosphere is set to the beat of pioneering fashion background music, adding a trendy vibe to your night out.
Savor the taste of traditional Japanese grilling over charcoal, presented in a creative and unique manner. Be tantalized by the innovative dishes that fuse Japanese and Western cuisine, which will surely delight your taste buds. Pair your meal with a rich selection of sake and expertly crafted cocktails, creating a relaxed and comfortable ambiance that encourages conversation and camaraderie among friends.
<tbody>  <tr><th>Venue name: </th><td>ATELIER IZAKAYA 2.0 (The Bund)</td></tr>  <tr>  <th></span></a>  </div>  </td>  </tr>  <tr><th>English address: </th><td>3F,   17 Yan'an Dong Lu,   near Sichuan Zhong Lu,   Huangpu District, Shanghai</td></tr>  </tbody>  

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