Chinese Food|YAU ZAA GWAI / Yóuzháguǐ/ 油炸鬼

– Fast food – (Snack – Savoury)
Region: Canton

Chinese Food|YAU ZAA GWAI / Yóuzháguǐ/ 油炸鬼

A fast food dish straight from Chinese folklore, there is a whole lot of conjecture as to what the origin of Yau Zaa Gwai is. In some parts of China it is called Youtiao or oil fried devil. The characteristic lengthwise shape of the treat is said to symbolize the traitor couple of Qin Hui and his wife who plotted to bring about the downfall of General Yue Fei! Yau Zaa Gwai is either enjoyed at breakfast or is stuffed in shāobǐng to give birth to flatbread sandwiches. Decadent!

Best complementary dish- A steaming bowl of milky rice porridge or congee to cut down the oil soaked extravagance!

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