City Shop (Shanghai Centre)

CityShop was a life saver for expats in China back in the day, and is still the neighbourhood import grocery store for many — often the only place to find western imported ingredients. They make you pay for it though. Nevetheless, it remains an excellent place for buying hard-to find items, even though their selection is localizing. Most of the stuff takes on huge markups but the vegetables (grown on the shop’s own farm outside Shanghai) are surprisingly reasonable and they’ve got cheap made-to-order sandwiches and rotisserie chicken, too. They have a bilingual MiniProgram on WeChat for next-day delivery, and usually offer some coupons that knock the price down a bit. Check: CityShop+.

B1/F, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu Jing’an District 上海商城B1楼, 南京西路1376号, 近西康路

Chinese Name:城市超市
Part of:City Shop
6279 8018
7 mins walk from Jing’an Temple
Daily, 8am-10.30pm