Shanghai Yueyang Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine yesterday opened a clinic for patients who have recovered from coronavirus infection to enhance their immunity and deal with post-infection complications.

Through a combination of Western and traditional Chinese medicines, the hospital is offering a package of services, including herbal soup, tuina, acupuncture and rehabilitation therapy on nutritional, physical and psychological support to patients suffering from problems like breathlessness, fatigue and poor sleep.

Yueyang is the leading facility on TCM rehabilitation therapy for coronavirus patients and offers a multidisciplinary approach also involving the department of respiratory disease as well as tuina and rehabilitation to provide comprehensive guidance and treatment for patients to improve their immunity and reduce relapse.

The clinic attracted more than 100 patients on the first day of operation. Doctors give individualized therapy for each patient to restore their condition and improve life quality.

The clinic, both online and offline, is available once a week on Wednesday morning.

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