The 2022 Covestro Cup “I Speak, I Act, I Impact” China Student Orator and Illustrator Contest, hosted by the World Organization for Sustainability Leadership, is officially underway.

This year, it is focusing on the theme of “Quality Education,” the fourth of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The China round, organized by Wo Sou Education Science and Technology (Shanghai) and supported by Covestro, is open to students from primary schools, secondary schools and universities across the country. Winners of the China leg will move on to the global final.

The UN SDGs outline 17 global goals which aim to comprehensively tackle social, economic, and environmental issues with targets to be achieved by 2030 for a sustainable future.

WOSL, established in 2017, is the only UN-certified global cooperation and promotional organization for junior ambassadors for sustainable development.

“Quality education is the foundation for improving the lives of humanity and achieving sustainable development,” said WOSL CEO Dr. Paul Bogaardt.

“And equity and inclusion in education is the key, as it invites the diverse thought that is necessary to develop innovative solutions for the challenges that the world faces today and tomorrow.

“Thanks to Covestro for its strong support for this contest in China, which provides a platform for teens and young adults to set initiatives for all of the younger generation to follow and create hope for a brighter future.”

Sustainability is a crucial tenet of Covestro’s global philosophy, as demonstrated by its own ambitious sustainability targets.

By 2025, Covestro aims to allocate 80 percent of its research and development projects spend towards meeting the UN SDGs. Additionally, the company aims for operational climate neutrality and net zero emissions by 2035.

“At Covestro, we want to push the boundaries to make the world a brighter place by addressing the UN SDGs,” said Holly Lei, president of Covestro China. “Together with WOSL, we look forward to advancing the development of inclusive and equitable quality education, strengthening the young generation’s sense of purpose and responsibility, as well as inspiring them to create a sustainable future together.

“This contest marks yet another example of how Covestro is fulfilling its social responsibilities.”

The 2022 Covestro Cup “I Speak, I Act, I Impact” China Student Orator and Illustrator Contest is open to students in two categories: “Youth Diplomats” for students from sixth grade in primary school to high school sophomores (Chinese language); and “Junior Diplomats” for high school juniors to university undergraduates (English language).

The contest has a painting and a speech section in either Chinese or English.

Entrants must focus on the theme of “Quality Education” and explain or illustrate their vision for a better future for education. To enter, please follow WOSL’s official WeChat account (Sdgs-diplomats) and upload your work through the given link from May 1 to 20.

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