Ebooks|Learn to Speak Chinese: Beginning Mandarin Chinese for Native English Speakers

Book Name:Learn to Speak Chinese: Beginning Mandarin Chinese for Native English Speakers

Author: Suzanne Brickman

Brief introduce:Updated from the original with additional content, this book on Mandarin for beginners continues to be a bestselling eBook for learning Chinese both in 2012 and 2013. Achievement of this success is due in part to approach taken to teach others simply and easily how to learn Chinese. With visual aides such as charts and even flashcards for the most essential vocabulary, you’ll find that learning Chinese truly is possible!

This book will easily walk you through what it’s like to learn Chinese for beginners with tones, PinYin, basic sentence structure, conversational dialogue, and critical vocabulary that you’ll need to speak Chinese. As an extremely easy read for the Mandarin beginner, this practical, but fun overview of the fundamentals of Mandarin Chinese will have you embarking on a journey of success in learning to speak Chinese.

With this guide in Chinese for foreigners, you can learn Chinese in a manner that makes sense to the native English speaker, but still includes Chinese characters as well as Chinese PinYin. Since this text is a simple way to learn Chinese on your Kindle, you’ll find that how to learn Chinese is easier than ever.

The Fundamentals of Chinese
You will be introduced to the tones, how to say them, and how to put them together in combinations for speaking Chinese. With Chinese PinYin, you will discover how to speak these sounds using English phonetics and how to practice the PinYin so it is not soon forgotten!

Building on the Fundamentals
Next, you’ll learn how to use

  • Question words,
  • Prepositions, and
  • Most useful subjects, verbs, time phrases, and locations

for building basic sentences in Chinese.

Plus, you’ll be able to study conversational dialogue effortlessly with the English translation of Chinese characters (with Chinese PinYin included for each dialogue).

Take the time to learn Chinese now with this brief overview so that you understand how to speak Chinese and can even learn to speak Chinese in a much faster and more understandable way! Chinese for dummies or Chinese for idiots IS possible because we all feel awkward when it comes to a new language. Yet, you can learn Chinese Mandarin with this practical guide for beginners!

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