Residents now can scan a “venue code” or get checked by a “digital sentry” — a machine for code scanning and temperature check — to enter or leave public venues and communities in Shanghai. But their use has caused confusion among those not familiar with the system or having language barriers.

Health condition and relevant info

When entering a public venue or residential community, one should use the “scanning” service of Suishenban app, the city’s one-stop government affairs service platform, or its mini program in WeChat or Alipay to scan the venue code.

Or people can just use WeChat or Alipay to scan the venue code, and it will lead to the page.

On the page, a person’s personal health condition and relevant information registered by the system will be found, such as the health code, the name and address of the venue, the sampling time and result of the person’s latest COVID-19 nucleic acid test. Voice broadcasting is also available.

All-in-one verification device

The “digital sentry” is an all-in-one health condition verification device, which comes in handheld, floor, channel, wall-mounted and desktop styles. When citizens have their health code scanned or ID card read by a “digital sentry,” their personal health condition verification and information registration will be completed automatically.

People can have the device’s camera scan their health code or present their identity card on a particular area of the device.

When the “digital sentry” verifies the person’s health condition, the result will be displayed on the screen with voice reminders.

For foreigners and people from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, it’s better to get the Suishenban app and register for a health code.

Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents can do a real-name registration directly on Suishenban.

Since facial recognition is not available for foreigners, they can use their passport to do real-name registration on Suishenban, and the authorization will take one workday to be completed.

Or they can bind their bank card whose account was opened in China with their Suishenban Alipay mini program for the registration.

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