There are two main categories for Shanghai’s locally transmitted daily COVID-19 infection cases — confirmed cases (those with symptoms) and asymptomatic cases. Local infections also have three components.

The first are people who test positive during “quarantined management and control.”

They mainly include those under central and home quarantines, residents of locked-down areas and sites under closed management as well as close contacts.

The second part includes former asymptomatic cases that show symptoms such as fever or cough later. They are recounted as confirmed cases, effectively counted twice.

The third are people who test positive during the “screening of high-risk groups.” They include people living in controlled and precautionary areas, people who go to fever clinics themselves and people who complete PCR tests themselves.

The number of this group is the key barometer of community transmission and the city’s pandemic trend, because the other two groups of people have already been under quarantine and will not infect others when they test positive.

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