I Love Learning Chinese. Specially Designed for Primary School. Volume 1

Book Name:I Love Learning Chinese. Specially Designed for Primary School. Volume 1

Author:  Zhang Yuehua 章悦华

About Book: This textbook series is based on Total Physical Response Story Telling (TPRS), a method for teaching foreign languages that has proven to be profoundly successful with students of all ages and all abilities. Designed for teaching Chinese in schools of English speaking countries, the entire series is divided into Elementary School Edition and Middle / High School Edition, each edition consisting of four volumes. Each volume of the Elementary edition requires about 100 class hours, while that of the Middle/High School edition 80 class hour. The primary focus of this textbook series is on the learner’s mastery of basic communication skills. The four language skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing are all reinforced through the story telling activities. The written form of the Chinese language is also introduced at an early stage but according to the natural development of the learning process, from simple to complex. The fundamentals of the language are developed while teaching vocabulary and structures in student-centered and personalized stories. Teachers using this textbook series find that they can teach a wide range of students in a relaxed learning environment to comprehend, speak, read, and write in a foreign/second language within a shorter period of time than through more traditional methods. Grammatical accuracy is developed through meaningful, natural language learning activities

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