Inspired by the timeless, magical sparks of fire, we bring an authentic South American experience, infusing humble ingredients fresh from the garden, with a luxurious bounty from land and sea, flavorfully cooked over wood-fired flames.

At the center of this experience is our signature open fire Parrilla, it is the soul of the restaurant, where smoldering embers and roaring fires are tamed, and exclusively sourced cuts of beef and seafood are expertly grilled, igniting our innate impulses to gather and share.

Here ancient customs and future trends coexist, and the intricacies of the Gaucho culture blend seamlessly together over a glass of Malbec. New aromas, new tastes and the original deliciousness of the Pampas are transported here, reflecting the depth, richness, and vibrancy of one of South America’s most unique culinary traditions.

Latina Parrilla, let fire lit your passion!

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