The Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital at Fudan University announced it had successfully saved a pregnant woman with a burst womb.

Both the mother and newborn baby girl are now in stable condition, the hospital said yesterday.

The woman, 32 weeks into pregnancy, was rushed to the hospital with serious abdominal pain and vomiting on early Friday morning.

Doctors found the woman had undergone uterine surgery in 2019 and suspected the womb may have burst due to the baby’s growth. “It is a very risky condition. Both the mother and baby were in great danger,” said Dr Zhu Hao.

Doctors conducted emergency surgery. While opening the abdominal cavity, blood and blood clotting were present. Doctors delivered the baby first, then tried to save the mother while trying to keep the womb intact.

Post-surgery, the patient was transfused with 3,400 milliliters of blood, half of a person’s average total blood volume.

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