Residents can lodge an appeal and submit proofs, such as a hospital discharge certificate, if their Suishenma health code shows the wrong colors, according to the Shanghai Big Data Center.

They can dial the city’s service hotline 12345 or make an online appeal on the Suishenban app, where they can check the reason for the red or yellow health code, said Liu Yingfeng, deputy director of the center.

Detailed and accurate documents are required for the appeal. They should submit a hospital discharge certificate, for instance, if they were a “confirmed or asymptomatic case.”

The big data center will work together with the city’s health commission to jointly investigate all the appeals and display the correct color after verification, Liu added.

Shanghai’s COVID-19 prevention authority has updated the rules to decide the health code colors.

A red code will be given to people testing positive during individual or mixed sample testing, as well as confirmed, asymptomatic or suspected cases and their close contacts, Liu revealed.

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