Xnode is primarily one of those hot, hot accelerators targeted at both startups and more established corporations. That used to be a unique selling point, though nowadays, every coworking space and its uncle offers something that at least sounds like that. Xnode has three locations in Shanghai, including one in Yangpu and one in Hongkou. The one in Jing’an is spread across three floors in a downtown high-rise. Lots of natural light here thanks to the big windows, especially in the conference rooms, and while their café/lounge areas are nicely furnished, they’re not super convenient for work due to a dearth of sockets. But still a good, bustling vibe here. Wide, open-plan working spots for fixed desk users.

Price: Hot desk prices are calculated by day with escalating discounts; 150rmb/day, 700rmb/5 days, 1,300rmb/10 days. Dedicated desks are 2,280rmb/month, while private offices start at 9,000rmb/month for a four-person private office.

Location:5/F, 9/F, 17/F, 129 Yan’an Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu


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