1、An Introduction to Zhanjiang

Zhanjiang is one of many cities located in China. Zhanjiang has a population of 5717218 and majority of its habitants speak Chinese. The currency used across China and accepted in Zhanjiang is CNY. Be sure to either convert your current local currency into CNY to avoid over the top exchange rates when you arrive in China. Depending on where you are departing from, it would be wise to check in first with your local travel agent or financial institution that offers a travel money or foreign exchange service.

2、Getting to know Zhanjiang

Every city in China is magical and offers a wonderful experience, this can also be said for Zhanjiang.
Below is a brief description about Zhanjiang, to give you that little extra and open your mind to what to expect and learn about Zhanjiang before you visit or if you have recently arrived there.

Changde is a prefecture-level city in the northwest of Hunan province, People’s Republic of China, with a population of 5,717,218 as of the 2010 census, of which 1,232,182 reside in the urban districts of Dingcheng and Wuling. In addition to the urban districts, Changde also administers the county-level city of Jinshi and six counties. Changde is adjacent to Dongting Lake to the east, the city of Yiyang to the south, Wuling and Xuefeng Mountains to the west, and Hubei province to the north. The area has been inhabited by humans since around 8,000 years ago. In that time, the city has changed names several times, but it has been known as Changde since the twelfth century. The city is well known for the Battle of Changde during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–45) and the atrocities committed then by the Imperial Japanese Army. In the past decade, the city has seen a massive construction boom. New highrises have sprung up, roads were rebuilt and new schools, parks and museums have opened. Locals and tourists often visit the Changde Poetry Wall, covered in a variety of poems mostly from ancient China. The wall stretches for 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) along the Yuan River downtown and functions as a flood wall. It is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest wall with engraved arts in the world. Changde Walking Street is a pedestrian-only retail and entertainment area with karaoke bars, cinemas, as well as many shops and restaurants.

3、A look into the history of Zhanjiang

Like every city on earth, Zhanjiang has its own identity, people and history. So we have hand picked out the most interesting parts of its history which make Zhanjiang unique and special.
Keep on reading to learn a thing or two about what makes Zhanjiang a great destination for tourists from all over the world.

Changde is known for its many Paleolithic and Neolithic sites. About 500 of them have been discovered to date. In 1984 neolithic human settlements were discovered in Li County, part of Changde. In 1988, the Pengtoushan site was excavated leading to the identification of the “Pengtoushan Culture”. The site contains the earliest evidence of a settled village yet discovered in China. Archeological research from 2011 suggests that a settlement called Shanlonggang, part of the Pengtoushan civilization, may have cultivated rice 8,000-9,000 years ago, making it the possible birthplace of rice cultivation.In the late 19th century Changde became a prosperous commercial center and the chief agricultural central market of the Yuan River basin. Many Chinese firms, and — after 1905, when it was opened to foreign trade — foreign firms as well, maintained branches there to buy rice, cotton, tung oil, and timber, so that Changde’s economic influence reached out into northern Guizhou, southwestern Hubei, and parts of southeastern Sichuan province. The merchants of the Taho quarter of the city controlled much of the northwestern Hunan economy, and early in the 20th century Changde was the second city of Hunan, after Changsha. In historical times it was also a centre from which governments controlled the mountain tribes of western Hunan. A county, named Linyuan, was established there in the 2nd century BC

4、Famous People from Zhanjiang

Like so many other cities around the world, Zhanjiang has its share of well- known names and faces. Below is a list of a few of them for you to get acquainted with.
Famous people from Zhanjiang include the following below: Zhou Derui

5、Visiting Zhanjiang during tourist season

Tourists mainly choose to visit Zhanjiang around Spring & Autumn.
That being said, you can choose to visit the Zhanjiang whenever you feel like, as there are a few things to see and do all year round.
Also packed in this Ultimate Guide to Zhanjiang, is some very useful information for you as a tourist; that will keep you ahead and provide you with knowledgeable information about the best places to eat, shop, see and find the best entertainment hot spots to make your visit a one to remember. So keep on reading!

6、Banks and Institutions located in Zhanjiang

Finding a cash facility or money exchange service in Zhanjiang could prove to be a headache at times, but we have researched and listed a few that you should consider when in need of a financial solution. List of financial institutions and money exchange services:

Bank of China Renmin Avenue (North) Chikan, Zhanjiang, Guangdong China.
ICBC Baiyuan Rd Chikan, Zhanjiang, Guangdong China.
Guangdong Nanyue Bank Yuejin Rd Chikan, Zhanjiang, Guangdong China. Agricultural Bank of China Nanqiao North Rd Chikan, Zhanjiang, Guangdong China.

Be sure to always keep your personal belongings close to hand to avoid any unwanted surprises.

7、Landmarks and places to see in Zhanjiang

There are so many places to see and visit in Zhanjiang, but we have rounded up a selection we think you should check out while visiting Zhanjiang. Places to see while visiting Zhanjiang include: Huguangyan Scenic Area

Zhanjiang Donghai Island
Nansan Island Paradise
Techeng Island
Zhanjiang Seaside Park
Zhanjiang River Seascape Long Corridor Naozhou Island

Donghaidao Forest Park
Longhaitian Island
Zhanjiang Mangrove Nature Reserve Zhanjiang Mangrove Forest.

8、Shopping Malls and Centres in Zhanjiang

Thinking about shopping or where the shopping malls and centres are located in Zhanjiang? Be rest assured, as we have taken time out to size up a few that we hope will meet your needs while you are in Zhanjiang. Places to shop at while you are in Zhanjiang include:
City Square, RenMin DaDaoNan 45Hao GuoMao c Zuo, Zhanjiang, China. Pearl Culture Exhibition Center, Chikan District, Zhanjiang 524000, China.

9、Finding the ideal restaurants and eateries in Zhanjiang

Zhanjiang has a few restaurants and eateries where you can sink your teeth into many tasty local cuisines.
Listed below are few restaurants and eateries in Zhanjiang, that have been noted to provide wonderful dishes and exclusive service to tourists or visitors visiting Zhanjiang. List of restaurants and eateries to consider while you are in Zhanjiang include:

Yi XueLong XueGao KaFeiWu, XiaShan District Hai Chang Road, Zhanjiang, China.
ChaiHuo XiangCaiGuan, ChiKan District Hai Tian West 2nd Road 52, Zhanjiang, China.

Xin Lu Feng DaJiuLou, XiaShan District XiaShan Lu Feng Road 26, Zhanjiang, China.
Pi Sa GongFang, ChiKan District Shen Chuan Avenue North 376, ChiKan Kai De Plaza 3 Floor 14-15, Zhanjiang, China.
WeiYeNa XiCanTing, XiaShan District WangFuJing 6 Floor, Western Restaurant, Zhanjiang, China.
Liang Tai XiaoChu, XiaShan District Guan Hai Road, Zhanjiang, China. MeiGongHe SiFang Cai, XiaShan District RenMin Avenue Nan 28, Yi Fu GuoJi 3 Floor, Zhanjiang, China.
Shen Huang Zhu Sheng MianDian, XiaShan District Min You Road 13 1 Floor 21, Zhanjiang, China.
Si Wei JiuJia, XiaShan District HaiBin Avenue Middle 56, Zhanjiang, China.
MengZi Yuan GuoQiao MiXian, ChiKan District Shen Chuan Avenue North 376, Kai De Plaza 1 Floor 40-42b, Zhanjiang, China. Yi XueLong XueGao KaFeiWu
XiaShan District Hai Chang Road, Zhanjiang, China
Beautiful, large, clean and bright restaurant
Caf? ChaiHuo XiangCaiGuan
ChiKan District Hai Tian West 2nd Road 52, Zhanjiang, China
The hotel location is very good

Hunan Xin Lu Feng DaJiuLou
XiaShan District XiaShan Lu Feng Road 26, Zhanjiang, China
This restaurant is a cheap option for clean and tasty local food. Fast and friendly service, good sized portions
Chinese Pi Sa GongFang
ChiKan District Shen Chuan Avenue North 376, ChiKan Kai De Plaza 3 Floor 14-15, Zhanjiang, China
The Chinese love this window to Germany
Pizza Wei Qian LaMian GuangBai BaiHuoDian
Wei Qian LaMian GuangBai BaiHuoDian
The store’s most distinctive dish is steamed his house broth
Fastfood Ziji Restaurant
XiaShan District RenMin Avenue South 45, GuangBai Shopping Mall b1 Floor, Zhanjiang, China
The food and service is always top
Fastfood Lu Feng HaiXian JiuJia
XiaShan District RenMin Avenue South 118, Zhanjiang, China
Its seems the name preceeds its reputation
Seafood YinXing ChuanCaiGuan
ChiKan District Wan Bei Road 9, Zhanjiang, China
The hotel staff is also very warm and thoughtful, to move very smoothly, the surrounding traffic environment is also good, is a very worthwhile stay at the hotel.
Szechuan XiYangYang JiuJia
ChiKan District Kang Shun Road 27, Zhanjiang, China
Distinctive taste delicious, although no starry-star hotel environment, but red lanterns hung high, full of warm festive flavour
Cantonese WeiYeNa XiCanTing
XiaShan District WangFuJing 6 Floor, Western Restaurant, Zhanjiang, China
Nice hotel, great rooms with great comfort to feel good

10、Bars and Clubs located in and around Zhanjiang

We all love to chill out and have a great time, so what not more than to check out some of the bars / clubs located in and around Zhanjiang. You might just discover that hidden gem to tell your friends or family about while you were visiting or staying in Zhanjiang. Check out the following spots below which are located in and around Zhanjiang:

Lechao Pub,118 Leshan Rd Zhanjiang, Guangdong China.
Liangdian Karaoke Chamber Cunjin Rd Chikan, Zhanjiang, Guangdong China.
Shuibianba China Guangdong, Zhanjiang, Xiashan.
Liangdian Karaoke Chamber Cunjin Rd Chikan, Zhanjiang, Guangdong China

11、Coming to the end

We hope this guide proved highly useful and you have or will enjoy your visit to Zhanjiang.
Travelling anywhere in the world can be dangerous, so it is advised you plan and take absolute care when getting into out of the ordinary.
Always keep your personal items in a safe place to avoid any upsets and be aware of anything that may sound too good to be true.

SamEnrico publishes a few other city guides, let’s say over 1000 of the top cities are covered, so you can always rely on us to inform you about the most exclusive and best places to be or see when visiting or staying at cities in many different countries around the world.

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