WeChat Group Owners Legally Responsible From Now

China authorities issued new regulations on the country’s instant messaging groupchats on Thursday, requiring group chat owners to take full responsibility forthe management of the groups.Group chats on WeChat, QQ or Baidu Tieba have become popular in recent years,serving as online forums, given that these platforms provide a private spacefor discussions. However, Beijingis now taking action to tighten controls over the messaging apps.

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) released a statement on its website saying that the managers and owners of the group chats will have to be responsible for the management of the groups.

Users who break the rules will have their credit score lowered,have their management rights suspended, and be reported to relevant government departments to keep them on file, said CAC on its website.

CAC especially highlighted in its statement that “whoever sets up the group should be responsible,” and that “whoever manages the group should be responsible.”

New Regulation for WeChat & Other Social Media Groups (Bilingual)


Internet group information service management regulations

第一条 为规范互联网群组信息服务,维护国家安全和公共利益,保护公民、法人和其他组织的合法权益,根据《中华人民共和国网络安全法》《国务院关于授权国家互联网信息办公室负责互联网信息内容管理工作的通知》,制定本规定。

Article 1 In order to standardize the Internet group information service, safeguard the national security and public interests, protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations, according to the “People’s Republic of China Network Security Law” “State Council on the authorization of the National Internet Information Office is responsible for Internet information content Management of the notice ” to develop the provisions.

第二条 在中华人民共和国境内提供、使用互联网群组信息服务,应当遵守本规定。本规定所称互联网群组,是指互联网用户通过互联网站、移动互联网应用程序等建立的,用于群体在线交流信息的网络空间。本规定所称互联网群组信息服务提供者,是指提供互联网群组信息服务的平台。本规定所称互联网群组信息服务使用者,包括群组建立者、管理者和成员。

Article 2 The use of Internet group information services within the territory of the People ‘s Republic of China shall comply with these Provisions. The term “Internet group” as used in these Provisions refers to the cyberspace established by Internet users through the Internet, mobile Internet applications, etc., for the exchange of information online. The term “Internet group information service provider” as used in these Provisions refers to the provision of Internet group information service platform. The Internet group information service users referred to in this provision, including group builders, managers and members.

第三条 国家互联网信息办公室负责全国互联网群组信息服务的监督管理执法工作。地方互联网信息办公室依据职责负责本行政区域内的互联网群组信息服务的监督管理执法工作。

Article 3 The State Internet Information Office shall be responsible for the supervision and management of the national Internet group information service. The local Internet information office is responsible for the supervision and management of the Internet group information service within its administrative area.

第四条 互联网群组信息服务提供者和使用者,应当坚持正确导向,弘扬社会主义核心价值观,培育积极健康的网络文化,维护良好网络生态。

Article 4 Internet group information service providers and users should adhere to the correct orientation, carry forward the socialist core values, cultivate an active and healthy network culture, and maintain a good network ecology.

第五条 互联网群组信息服务提供者应当落实信息内容安全管理主体责任,配备与服务规模相适应的专业人员和技术能力,建立健全用户注册、信息审核、应急处置、安全防护等管理制度互联网群组信息服务提供者应当制定并公开管理规则和平台公约,与使用者签订服务协议,明确双方权利义务。

Article 5 The Internet group information service provider shall implement the responsibility of the main body of the information content security management, with the professional staff and technical ability to meet the service scale, establish and improve the user registration, information audit, emergency treatment, security protection and other management system Internet group Group information service providers should develop and publicly manage rules and platforms conventions, enter into service agreements with users, and clarify their rights and obligations.

第六条 互联网群组信息服务提供者应当按照“后台实名、前台自愿”的原则,对互联网群组信息服务使用者进行真实身份信息认证,用户不提供真实身份信息的,不得为其提供信息发布服务。互联网群组信息服务提供者应当采取必要措施保护使用者个人信息安全,不得泄露、篡改、毁损,不得非法出售或者非法向他人提供。

Article 6 An Internet group information service provider shall, in accordance with the principle of “backstage real name and front desk voluntarily”, authenticate the authenticity information of the Internet group information service user, and the user does not provide the true identity information, and shall not provide information release service. Internet group information service providers should take the necessary measures to protect the user’s personal information security, shall not be leaked, tampered with, destroyed, shall not be sold illegally or illegally provided to others.

第七条 互联网群组信息服务提供者应当根据互联网群组的性质类别、成员规模、活跃程度等实行分级分类管理,制定具体管理制度并向国家或省、自治区、直辖市互联网信息办公室备案,依法规范群组信息传播秩序。互联网群组信息服务提供者应当建立互联网群组信息服务使用者信用等级管理体系,根据信用等级提供相应服务。

Article 7 An Internet group information service provider shall, according to the nature of the Internet group, the size of the members, the degree of activity, and so on, formulate a specific management system and file with the State or the Internet Information Office of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government Group information dissemination order. Internet group information service provider should establish the Internet group information service user credit rating management system, according to the credit level to provide the corresponding service.

第八条 互联网群组信息服务提供者应当根据自身服务规模和管理能力,合理设定群组成员人数和个人建立群数、参加群数上限。互联网群组信息服务提供者应设置和显示唯一群组识别编码,对成员达到一定规模的群组要设置群信息页面,注明群组名称、人数、类别等基本信息。互联网群组信息服务提供者应根据群组规模类别,分级审核群组建立者真实身份、信用等级等建群资质,完善建群、入群等审核验证功能,并标注群组建立者、管理者及成员群内身份信息。

Article 8 Internet group information service providers shall, according to their own service scale and management ability, reasonably set the number of members of the group and establish the number of individuals to participate in the group limit. Internet group information service providers should set up and display unique group identification codes. For groups of members who have reached a certain size, set the group information page with basic information such as group name, number, category and so on. Internet group information service providers should be based on group size category, hierarchical audit group creator real identity, credit rating and other construction qualification, improve the group, into the group and other audit verification function, and mark the group builder, manager And identity information within the member group.

第九条 互联网群组建立者、管理者应当履行群组管理责任,依据法律法规、用户协议和平台公约,规范群组网络行为和信息发布,构建文明有序的网络群体空间。互联网群组成员在参与群组信息交流时,应当遵守法律法规,文明互动、理性表达。互联网群组信息服务提供者应为群组建立者、管理者进行群组管理提供必要功能权限。

Article 9 An Internet group builder and a manager shall perform the responsibility of group management, and construct a civilized and unified network group space according to laws, regulations, user agreements and platform conventions, standardize the group network behavior and information dissemination. Internet group members in the participation of group information exchange, should abide by laws and regulations, civilized interaction, rational expression. Internet group information service providers should provide group administrators, managers, group management to provide the necessary functional authority.

第十条 互联网群组信息服务提供者和使用者不得利用互联网群组传播法律法规和国家有关规定禁止的信息内容。

Article 10 Internet groups Information service providers and users shall not use the Internet group to disseminate information content prohibited by laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the State.

第十一条 互联网群组信息服务提供者应当对违反法律法规和国家有关规定的互联网群组,依法依约采取警示整改、暂停发布、关闭群组等处置措施,保存有关记录,并向有关主管部门报告。互联网群组信息服务提供者应当对违反法律法规和国家有关规定的群组建立者、管理者等使用者,依法依约采取降低信用等级、暂停管理权限、取消建群资格等管理措施,保存有关记录,并向有关主管部门报告。互联网群组信息服务提供者应当建立黑名单管理制度,对违法违约情节严重的群组及建立者、管理者和成员纳入黑名单,限制群组服务功能,保存有关记录,并向有关主管部门报告。

Article 11 An Internet group information service provider shall, in accordance with laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the relevant provisions of the Internet group, according to the law to take warning rectification, suspension of the release, closing groups and other disposal measures, save the record, and to the relevant Department report. Internet group information service providers should violate the laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the state group of builders, managers and other users, according to the law to reduce the credit rating, suspend management authority, cancel the construction qualification and other management measures, Record and report to the relevant authorities. Internet group information service providers should establish a blacklist management system to include blacklisted groups, builders, managers and members of serious violations, limit group service functions, keep records and report to relevant authorities The


第十二条 互联网群组信息服务提供者和使用者应当接受社会公众和行业组织的监督,建立健全投诉举报渠道,设置便捷举报入口,及时处理投诉举报。国家和地方互联网信息办公室依据职责,对举报受理落实情况进行监督检查。鼓励互联网行业组织指导推动互联网群组信息服务提供者制定行业公约,加强行业自律,履行社会责任。

Article 12 Internet group information service providers and users shall accept the supervision of the public and industry organizations, establish and improve the channels of complaints and complaints, set up convenient to report the entrance, and promptly handle the complaints and reports. The national and local Internet information offices shall, according to their duties, supervise and inspect the implementation of the report acceptance. Encourage the Internet industry organizations to guide the Internet group information service providers to develop industry conventions, strengthen the industry self-discipline, to fulfill social responsibility.


第十三条 互联网群组信息服务提供者应当配合有关主管部门依法进行的监督检查,并提供必要的技术支持和协助。互联网群组信息服务提供者应当按规定留存网络日志不少于六个月。

Article 13 An Internet group information service provider shall cooperate with the relevant departments in charge of supervision and inspection according to law and provide the necessary technical support and assistance. The Internet group information service provider shall keep the network log as required for not less than six months.


第十四条 互联网群组信息服务提供者和使用者违反本规定的,由有关部门依照相关法律法规处理。

Article 14 Where an Internet group information service provider and a user violate these Provisions, the relevant departments shall handle them in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

第十五条 本规定自2017年10月8日起施行。

Article 15 These Provisions shall enter into force as of October 8, 2017.

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