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Shanghai has granted around 500 permanent resident cards to fChinese Green Cardoreigners in the two months following the country’s April adoption of a streamlined application procedure. That’s nearly 30 percent of the country’s total, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau said on Tuesday.

Getting China’s “green card” is considered one of the most difficult tasks in the world. But the country has eased the process by streamlining procedures and lowering the threshold for applicants. According to the Ministry of Public Security, in 2016 alone 1,576 foreigners became permanent residents in China, up 163 percent year-on-year.


The permanent resident permit issued to the foreigners by China, or the Chinese “green card”, was first introduced in 2004. The number of Chinese “green card” holders had passed the 10,000 mark by 2016.

How to apply for a Chinese “green card”

In order to qualify for “green card”, you should meet at least one of the following requirements:

— Direct investment in China with good rate paying record. Stable business.

— Be a high-level talent.

— Work in key industries or fields that receive State support.

— Make great contribution to China, or posses skill specially needed by China.

— Have come to China to be with your family, such as spouse, or a dependent minor or senior citizen.

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Types of Permanent Residence Permit (PRP):

Green cards are classified according to the following categories: investment, employment, seeking family reunion with parents, dependants, and outstanding aliens.

To apply for a permanent resident visa, a foreigner must meet at least one of the following four criteria:

1. be a high-level foreign expert holding a post which promotes China’s economy, scientific and technological development or social progress;

2. Have made a large direct investment in China;

3. Have made an outstanding contribution of special importance to China;

4. Come to China to be with family, such as spouse, dependent minor, or senior citizen.

The Regulation also clearly defines that aliens who seek approval to reside permanently in China must stay for at least three cumulative months every year. If an alien is not able to stay for such minimum period for any reason, he/she must apply for approval from the department or bureaus of public security at the level of province, autonomous region or municipality directly in the place of his/her long-term residence, under the provison that the cumulative period of residence in China must not be less than one cumulative year in five years.

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