Worried about Visa Extension Rules and Rumors???

“During the epidemic period, foreigners who have enjoyed the automatical 60 days visa extension policy must leave China mainland before the 60 days extensions expires. Regardless of whether the foreigners hold multiple visas, they must leave China mainland before 60 days extension expires and they will not be able to re-enter China mainland until the entry restrictions are removed”.

Many people have come across this article and after reading this they are worried about their visa extension. Though the article has now removed, but it is confirmed from the sources that this is a fake news. 

National Immigration Administration and Local Exit and Entry Administration have given statement that this news is not true, someone has reported fake and worried people for no reason.

“Do not listen to the rumors, people should get information updates from official channels or other credible platforms, like ShekouDaily.”

Following are the clarifications given by The Deputy of the NanShan Immigration Section of the PSB. These are applicable for those currently living in China:

If your passport has expired or about to expire, it can be renewed at your consulate or embassy. 

There is no notice for foreigners to leave or eithin 60 days, Automatic 60 days extension is still valid. 

Automatic 2 Month Visa Extension for All Foreigners in China

Automatic extension option is available for those whose visa expired during epidemic otherwise you are not eligible for it.

China always put his resident’s safety and security at top, we never want and allow people to travel abroad at times when it is not safer.

Futher information would be shared according to the need. Always approach credible sources for information. Different areas have different explainations, so everyone should contact local Exit and Entry Administration to get information.

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